• WeplayVR Single Player Walkthrough is a 3X3 square meter VR maze experience that offers unending value to the visitors and operators within the same footprint of space. 
  • It’s unique game design coupled with intelligent motion floor offers users a truely immersive experience and virtually transports them into a world of fantasy and adventures. 
  • It’s smart engineering makes it the only such walk-through VR gaming installation portable enough to be set up easily within a few hours. 
  • Not only is it modular, but it is also highly sustainable - where it can operate different genres of seasonal VR games.
  • Users can also add optional gadgets such as wind-jets, water sprinklers etc. as appropriate to the chosen game.
  • Contains an extended content management system that offers unlimited remote support and seasonal game updates to the WeplayVR library.


  • Mayan Adventure description  
  • Alien Invasion description (NEW) 
  • Clock Tower description (NEW) 

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