The World's First 3-axis Turning Virtual Reality Simulator that can provide a new and unforgettable experience to any Operation.

  • Fully interactive & can support any games: You can buy any VR game and install it to the simulator. 
  • Ride Movies : The media bundle includes 15 rides films for all tastes with an unlimited license. New exciting videos are constantly released that are available on subscription. 
  • Large Network: You can connect simulators to each other for playing on the network (in games that support the network mode) and make a spectacular network battle! 
  • Excellent dynamics & a varied range of movements! It can be explosive and hard, and also soft and light.
  • Special Effect "Wind" Built-in wind generator can create and maintain the mood of videos and games, simulating both a light blow, and a powerful hurricane. 
  • Compact - This simulator occupies the minimum possible area, equal to 2-square meters! 

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