The First Coin-op Racing Simulator: With its new outstanding design and unique motion platform driving experience, Racecraft brings the thrill of a racing simulation into arcades. With 3 different skill levels, everyone can race, have fun and improve their skills time after time by racing in a single player career or challenging their friends.

  • XY Motion Platform & Multiplayer mode
  • 3 Single Player campaigns & Linkable up to 8 players
  • Force Feedback professional steering wheel
  • Up to 20 different tracks
  • Complete Service Menu with analytics and monetization

Tournaments and Championship customization : Arcade centers can create their own Tournaments and Championships easily setting up all the rules from ROS presets and customizing car liveries and track billboards with their partners and sponsor brands.

Party Mode customization : Arcade centers can create customized events for for company meetings, team building, birthdays and anniversaries by adding player names, easily setting up all the rules from ROS presets and customizing car liveries and track billboards with company brands.

Kids Mode also available. 


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