Virtual Reality Packaged For the Amusement Industry : Speed, accuracy and situational awareness” are the primary skills required to play this game. It’s a multiplayer co-op shooter with Arena style locales where the players protect objectives against hostile Artificial Intelligence (AI) enemies.

  • 6 monitors, Custom gun controllers, 3 games 
  • OMNI ARENA includes custom gun peripherals that were crafted specifically for the Vive motion controllers.
  • The Virtuix VR Boom makes sure the VR headsets are suspended from above. This means no tangling cables. Vive VR headsets include position sensors as well as motion controllers that increase the sense of immersion in the game. Omni shoes ensure smooth glide on the treadmills, and the Omni foot sensors provide accurate tracking.
  • Harnesses of 3 different sizes allow a player of any size and height to experience full control of virtual reality. Omnidirectional treadmills from Virtuix have no moving parts and adjust to fit any height.

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