Holocube is a next generation 4 player VR attraction that features a perfect blend of hardware, middleware & software to provide PLAYERS with an unparalleled VR GAMING experience. Players can realize a high Throughput on a small Operating Footprint of less than 30 Sq.m  thereby ensuring an enriching and engaging VR Experience that is Sickness Free, Safe and Hygienic - allowing players to experience VR with a level of immersion never before possible. 

  • Four VR Portals. Business Edition HTC Vive Headsets, Head Phones, Light House Trackers, 2 Controllers and Accessories per Portal.
  • 65” 4K UHD Display Screens that allow others to see what the player is experiencing. State of the art computers with high end graphics card per portal to handle the substantial demands of VR gaming.
  • 4 VR-15 Guns and 4 Haptic Vests. Truss System with Customized Separation Banners, Lighting Package, Tensa Barriers, Cable Management System, Control Kiosk & a Handheld Operator Control Panel. 4 Software License of Operator's Choice for the First Year of Operation.

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