HOLOCUBE is a next generation VR attraction that features a perfect blend of Hardware, Middleware & Software to provide players with an unparalleled VR GAMING EXPERIENCE.  

  • An Enriching, Enthralling and Engaging VR Attraction with virtually ZERO LAG that is Safe, Hygienic & causes No Simulator-Sickness.
  • High Throughput on a small operating footprint. choose from 1, 2, 3 and 4 player models to suit your operating space. 
  • VR Games for every kind of Gamer, ages 6 and up. Alows players to experience virtual reality with a level of immersion never seen before.
  • Unique cable management system completely eliminates all trip hazards by keeping cords constantly suspended above the user’s head, thus creating an almost wireless experience, without inhibiting player movement or play experience.


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