Why is FEC Design Such a Critical Aspect of Doing Business?

Posted on July 07 2019

FECs Need to Keep Evolving to Stay Relevant

It sounds harsh, but if your family entertainment center hasn’t even changed its paint color since the early years of year 2000s, you could be in trouble. A lot of times operators wait a bit too long to upgrade their facilities. It starts to become stale in the eyes of the guests. Regular guests may quickly tire of the same old thing, so redesigning often helps to retain customers as well as gain new ones, even small changes like reallocating places for machines, or major changes are refreshing and updating games with newer models IS A MUST for enhanced revenue. From added attractions, to different motifs, to full-blown expansion, FECs have numerous ways to stay with the times and keep their customers happy and spending money. Every operator has to find what suits them and go with it.

A Master Plan Is Crucial

Any successful redesign begins with a master plan. A professional design solutions company like ASI-Design Solutions can help to make sure all the FEC’s elements blend together, and with the owners and operators they can determine the facility’s future look. Some projects can take place immediately; other changes can follow their completion, the idea is to continually look and stay fresh. Cash-strapped FEC owners can always ask ASI-Design Solutions for project feasibility and scope studies, so a redesign need not necessarily bankrupt a FEC owner.

Timeless Appeal Matters

FEC owners should consider a HIGH-TECH, technologically relevant and  upscale feel when they plan to redesign. Customers see the wood floors at grocery stores and the leather chairs at movie theaters, so they expect. Something futuristic/fantasy-oriented when they enter an FEC or theme-based amusement-operation which they anyhow treat as a momentary escape from reality. A funky, trendy redesign can attract older kids and adults too who have a higher spending capacity. FEC operators who plan a ‘smart redesign’ of their premises begin to draw in whole new demographics that never would have walked in before.

FEC operators should also avoid theme overload. A little bit of theming is fantastic to give your FEC a particular brand look-n-feel, but try to avoid overkill. The design mantra should be simple, contemporary and appealing to all, regardless of age or gender.

Keep to the Budget

To further distinguish your FEC from the competition, you should constantly rotate the entertainment choices.  Attractions last three or four years before becoming yesterday’s news. The idea here is to use the same space but to completely modify it—change its appearance and change its use. An inflatable can be another big-impact move that doesn’t comprise too much reconstruction in your current FEC. The attraction draws in younger children and helps with the birthday business. Most inflatables go for less than $20,000, he says, which is a bargain considering two or three popular video games run about the same amount. Less expensive add-ons create a whole new entertainment element, making people feel you have invested considerably to refresh your premises which is always good for business in the long-run.

Advertise Your Changes

FECs, regardless of the scope of their projects, probably will have to stay open during the renovations. In a tight economy, closing down for months, weeks, or even a few days, can kill profits and scare away customers for good. But don’t think of the construction as an inconvenience. Use it as an opportunity to build excitement about a new attraction or addition.

FEC operators can use renderings of any planned project for advertising purposes. Take those pictures, put them on display, and declare with signage, something like, “Coming soon: state-of-the-art bumper carts.” This way, your patrons remain a part of the experience and they get excited about up-and-coming changes too. Some FEC owners believe that just because they spent a lot of money on new projects, they’re guaranteed to bring in a lot of revenue. That is not strictly true. It doesn’t have to be a major investment, but it has to be promoted and advertised.

Lastly to Summarize

Five Budget-Conscious Makeovers

1. Repaint

2. Add Signage

3. Install better Lighting

4. Change the Food Menu

5. Buy new Games or move around pre-existing ones