Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride – The First of its Kind Operator-Free VR Attraction

Posted on October 10 2019

Step into the wacky world of the Rabbids with the industry’s first attendant-free VR attraction, developed from the ground up to operate like any other coin-op amusement game. Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride was created in partnership with Ubisoft and features three unique experiences full of twists, turns, thrills and spills for an all-ages VR attraction that lives up to the hype! Offering true 360˚ views with action in every direction, riders are immersed in a unique experience every time. Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride employs premium components (HTC VIVE headsets & D-BOX motion platform), and each seat is individually monetized for maximum revenue earning potential.

This is the Industry’s FIRST ATTENDANT-FREE VR ATTRACTION designed by experienced arcade game developers, it operates and is serviced like any other traditional amusement game. Operators and guests will liken it to other attractions such as Typhoon or Mini-Rider.

  • Features premium content created by AAA game developer, Ubisoft, one of the world’s most experienced and pioneering VR developers of content for people of all ages.
  • The experience is exciting but approachable, and provides entertainment for both first time VR users and experienced enthusiasts.
  • Attendant free, making quality VR available for every entertainment venue.
  • Premium components (HTC Vive headsets & D-BOX Motion Platform).
  • Each seat is monetized for maximum revenue potential.
  • Global license of Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. The popular Rabbids franchise has had over 14 million videogames sold, 230 TV episodes and more than 152M views on Youtube.
  • All ages ergonomics & unique audience-facing cabinet showcases players’ reactions.



  1. Alpine Adventure

Riders enjoy a chaotic journey through a frozen wonderland, zipping their bobsled through the winter village, ice caverns and snow-capped mountains. Its chaos everywhere with twists and turns, cliff falls and air drops that deliver big thrills for all ages.

  1. Canyon Chaos

Catapulted into the air in a new flying contraption, riders experience the fun and the chaos of the Rabbids universe. Set in deep canyons, wild rivers and the inside of a volcano, watch out for the giant sea monster as pirates and native villagers all try to place obstacles in your adventure.

  1. Holiday Hijinks

Everyone loves following Santa through this North Pole Utopia. Navigating your own sleigh, you will need to watch out for the evil Rabbids & their flying submarines. It’s a feast for the senses in this holiday adventure for the whole family.

Cabinet Dimensions

  • Width: 65” (1405.84mm) Height: 114.4” (2943.65mm) with header
  • Length: 119.3” (3407.35mm) Height: 145.5” (3696.67mm) without header