Step into the Immersive World of VR with Omni Arena

Posted on October 10 2018

Enter an alternate reality – become your favorite super hero and experience a 3D mega-thrilling adrenalin-pumping virtual adventure – and see how VR is indeed the future of gaming as it stands today!

Experience Active VR with the Next Generation Of Gaming

The Omni Arena is a first-of-its-kind active virtual reality motion platform. Active VR, where your actions in the virtual world are controlled by first-person navigation like walking or running, creating an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down. Step into your favorite games and experience a whole new level of gameplay.

The Ultimate Immersive Experience

A VR attraction that allows you to move naturally & seamlessly between Virtual Worlds, the Omni engages the entire body and transforms the gaming experience. Walk, run, and strafe in 360 degrees to steer your avatar without restraints. Live the adventure and be transported beyond the couch. The Omni immerses you in virtual quests while keeping you in shape for the real world!

Explore Virtual Worlds without Limits

Unprecedented Gameplay is the by-word here, and surveys conducted in arcades across the world demonstrate that the tost popular VR experiences involve moving naturally within an immense virtual world, running and gunning, or walking and exploring. For the first time, the Omni Arena enables these VR experiences safely and comfortably without the side effects of motion sickness.

Virtual Reality Packaged For the Amusement Industry

Speed, accuracy and situational awareness are the primary skills required to play this game. It’s a multiplayer co-op shooter with Arena style locales where the players protect objectives against hostile Artificial Intelligence (AI) enemies. Harnesses of 3 different sizes allow a player of any size and height to experience full control of virtual reality. Omnidirectional treadmills from Virtuix have no moving parts and adjust to fit any height. Omni shoes ensure smooth glide on the treadmills, and the Omni foot sensors provide accurate tracking. OMNI ARENA includes custom gun peripherals that were crafted specifically for the Vive motion controllers. The Virtuix VR Boom makes sure the VR headsets are suspended from above. This means no tangling cables. Vive VR headsets include position sensors as well as motion controllers that increase the sense of immersion in the game.

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