How Does VR Actually Work?

Posted on December 12 2018

How many of you have you used VR and wondered – how does this new & innovative technology actually work? How does wearing an oversized headset make you think you're standing at the bottom of the ocean, fighting off aggressive sharks tearing into you with a katana when in actuality, you are standing in a darkened VR console at the corner of an arcade? Well, with the variety of virtual reality headsets ever expanding in the market, here is a quick look at how they work…

While these devices generally take the same form, how they project imaging in front of our eyes varies greatly. The likes of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift provide PC-based operations, and both are affordable, extremely user-friendly state-of-the-art headsets.

Once your headset and power source are secured, some kind of input is also required for you to connect - whether this is through head tracking, controllers, hand tracking, voice, on-device buttons or trackpads.

HTC Vive Headsets Make the VR Experience Seem So Real

Total immersion is what everyone making a VR headset, game or app is aiming towards - making the virtual reality experience so real that we forget the computer, headgear and accessories and act exactly as we would in the real world. So how do we get there?

VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are often referred to as HMDs, which simply means they are head mounted displays. The goal of the hardware is to create what appears to be a life size, 3D virtual environment without the boundaries we usually associate with TV or computer screens.

Focus on Holocube…

So whichever way you look, the screen mounted to your face follows you. Video is sent from the console or computer to the headset via a HDMI cable in the case of headsets such as HTC's Vive and the Rift. Now most VR playstations come with an assortment of accessories. For example, Holocobe from VRSenal comes equipped with the super swanky VR-15 Peripheral Gun.

The VR-15 Peripheral

Built to be the highest quality virtual weapon on the market - the VR-15 is constructed out of rugged engineering grade nylon, and is outfitted with weighted trigger pull, haptics, ambidextrous analogue thumb sticks, and glass optics. The VR-15 is completely wireless with zero lag, and is fully integrated with HTC’s Tracking Puck and Lighthouse system, allowing every move to be rendered with sub millimeter accuracy.

The Haptic Vest


The Holocube also comes equipped with the Haptic Vest plunging players even further into the immersive realm of VR. This is a hi-fidelity Haptic Feedback System that allows the user to actually feel the game like never before.  You get sniped by an enemy? The zero-lag haptics let you feel the shot. You fire your rifle? You’ll feel the shockwave thump through your chest!

So that in short, is how VR actually works…Now if you want to experience it first hand, make your way down to the nearest arcade. If they don’t showcase VR, then they eventually win – because we can assure you, VR is going to take the MENA market by storm – sooner rather than later!

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