FECs Go Green & Environment Friendly!

Posted on July 07 2019

It should be noted that green is both the color of money and a symbol of the environment.

FEC owners realize they can be both economically savvy as well as environmental conscious if they take up energy-saving and ecologically-sensible measures at their operations.

Implement Eco-Friendly Measures

FEC owners all over are demonstrating energy-efficient policies with regards to the basic construction plans for their operations. They also integrated several eco-friendly elements into the facility, including:

High-efficiency light bulbs for overhead illumination; they use 20 percent less energy.
Extra insulation in the walls and ceiling for greater cooling efficacy
Three-phase electricity installation to reduce energy consumption and increase the life of the equipment.
Recycling bins to collect plastic water bottles and soda cans.

Vacuum-assisted flush toilets that utilise 1.6 gallons of water versus a typical five-gallon flush.

Having Control

FEC owners and operators need to start planning from day one to reduce expenses and increase revenue. To achieve this goal, they should implement policies to exert central control over lighting, air-conditioning, and heat. With a computer operated building management system, operators shouldn’t worry about units “fighting” each other or scrambling to flip 20 switches at the end of the night. Plus, guests and frontline employees should no longer have access to thermostats. You might be surprised by how many people would jack up or lower the temperature based on their preferences. There are myriad controls out there. Just go to a local contractor. The price of that technology 10 to 15 years ago was through the roof. But right now, it’s very affordable and worthwhile. Invest in control technology 0- That’s the big message.

FECs are implementing building management systems, as well as several other measures to save energy and money, such as switching to compact fluorescent lights; using dimmable light fixtures when possible; and having photocells on exterior lighting and signage.

Ten More Tips to Cut Waste

1. Avoid paying peak electrical demand charges by slowly starting up the arcade. Wait 60 to 90 seconds between turning on breakers to prevent a spike in usage.

2. Stop excessive motor idling in go-karts and bumper boats by starting them only when needed.

3. Have hand-dryers instead of paper towels in the bathrooms (the new high-powered units work best).

4. Bring in a recycling dumpster for cardboard and paper to reduce the amount of waste going into the main container.

5. Use cold beverage cups (small, medium, and large) that only require one lid size. Put up a sign notifying guests they will receive lids only upon request.

6. Consider a bulk condiment service area instead of portion-control packets in the snack bar.

7. Cut the grass using a mulching mower to reduce waste from landscaping. Larger properties should opt for a small chipper to grind up twigs and leaves and use for mulch in planting beds.

8. Install large fans to reduce the strain on the air conditioner.

9. Send out the grease from the fryer for processing into biodiesel fuel.

10. Buy a high-SEER HVAC unit.