Choose ASI - The Best in the Business!

Posted on December 12 2018

We are not only about providing your operation with the latest and cutting edge amusement products, the multifaceted team at ASI offers investors, developers and operators a plethora of solutions that are customized to suit the nuances of each operation and its specific market. Here are some factors that are simply unique to the skills set we possess at ASI.

•Sound Knowledge of The Business of Entertainment - We will help you orient your operation to be profitable.

•Selecting the Entertainment Mix - Picking what’s right for your Operation, your Market, your Customers and of course your Budget.

•Single Point of Responsibility: Multiple Products from Multiple Manufacturers often translates Multiple Operations and Service Level Requirements, Multiple Wire Transfers, Multiple Shipments and Logistical Requirements. With ASI, we SIMPLIFY THIS for YOU. ONE Source, ONE assigned Relationship Manager per Client, ONE Point of Responsibility for all your Design, Supply, Warranty, Parts, Service, Training & Operations Requirements.

•Designing the Ambient and therefore enhancing the Player Experience. It is always the EXPERIENCE that the players pay for and PLAY FOR.... and it is that experience that brings them back to your operation.

•Financial Planning - What to spend? How much to spend? When to spend? What can I expect as returns? What's the payback? We answer these important questions with conviction and justification based on your market realities. 

•Logistics - Our games are produced in all corners of the world and shipped from various ports all across the 7 seas. Any good operation will need games from many manufacturers. At ASI, our logistics team will make it easy for you by ensuring that all these games from multiple ports and origins are shipped from our logistics base in Jebel Ali and will arrive into your port at ONE TIME as a SINGLE SHIPMENT with all the required documentation needed by the destination port, thus facilitating smooth customs clearance and onsite arrival to match your project delivery and opening date.

•Installation and Commissioning: Our manufacturer trained team of Support and Technical Professionals with years of industry experience will install, commission the products on site for you and also train your Operations and Technical team on these products.

•Customer Service Training: Well Trained Staff = Better Guest Experience = High Revenue Output. Our team of Operations Staff will train your team to provide your guests with an experience that will bring them back to your operations, repeatedly.

And you thought we only supplied Games? Think Again!