Amusement Centers Boost Tourism

Posted on December 12 2018

Why is amusement such an important part of being quintessentially human? Why do families feel the need to unwind, relax and rejuvenate our senses, especially with a loved family member in an artificially created fantasy environment? It’s even better for families when surrounded by child-friendly amusement options like arcade and video games, kiddie rides, indoor attractions, playground areas etc…So, is it because it subconsciously allows families to explore their inner ‘child’ and relive their childhoods vicariously through their children? Or is it because families want an affordable, often educative option to keep their children occupied whilst they pursue more ‘adult’ pursuits? Or maybe it’s something more basic as the saying goes – ‘all families on vacation just want a ‘rollickin’ good time’! Whatever be the reason, amusement centers have become a go-to place for parents to reconnect with their children, for siblings to reconnect with each other and for friends to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Any city which hosts a plethora of such indoor/outdoor entertainment facilities becomes a tourist magnet with families converging on such destinations to vacation in, choosing to holiday at hospitality establishments which are located close to or house such amusement operations.

Defining an Amusement Operation

Ancient Egyptians often said, “To give it a name is to give it life!” This explains why they conducted an elaborate name-giving ceremony to sanctify their dead. Now mummies may not have anything to do with modern-day entertainment destinations but this practice tells us why definitions are important. To define such a facility is to understand, in the first place, what such a facility is and thereby recognize its importance. Indoor/Outdoor entertainment facilities can be best described as artificially created facilities that are designed and developed for the sole purpose of offering visitors both entertainment and new experiences.

So how do Amusement Operations boost tourism?

By extension, these amusement operations also have notable influence on tourism and lead to the upcoming of new trends in the tourism industry. This is because of the fact that these facilities boast of very high numbers throughout the year. There is practically no peak and off-peak seasons for amusement parks, especially if they offer indoor-experiences like those in Dubai where people can escape the often blistering heat outside in soaring desert climes and even go skiing with penguins within! Or enter a multi-faceted retail development like a mall and enjoy a shopping experience unhampered whilst their kids are constructively occupied in a simulated learning/educational area like Fun Works, Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi where little geniuses can aspire to become automobile engineers, car mechanics, chefs, scientists etc. Which parent wouldn’t want this? To enjoy some quality time with their better half while their children are gainfully occupied in an educational fun-learning albeit artificially created environment. More and more families would choose to vacation in cities which host a multitude of such theme parks, FECs, kiddie play centers etc. This is how such ‘amusement centers’ boost tourism.

Regionally Speaking…

‘The Emirates can transform into a world-class leisure and entertainment destination, if it takes a universal approach to exploring its unique geographical location, high quality attractions and investment in infrastructure,’ says PwC’s report — ‘UAE’s Transformation Into A World-Class Leisure & Entertainment Destination’. Generally speaking, hot weather conditions do not affect the entertainment and amusement industry in the MENA region. “Theme park developers in the UAE are well known for providing benchmark solutions for some of the best amusement experiences in the world. Despite the hot weather, tourists can enjoy the high-tech amusement facilities in the UAE with climate customization. This feature also enhances the steadily-improving UAE tourism scene, enticing people all over the world to visit and enjoy its amusement attractions at all times of the year.

What Do The Numbers Say?

The UAE has witnessed expansion in its tourism sector every year, 7.6 percent year-on-year growth in arrivals and 9.6 percent increase in tourism receipts. PwC revealed that UAE theme parks will be well equipped to receive 18 million visits by 2021, in line with its vision to transform itself into an ultimate tourism destination.

Factors Leading To This Growth

The UAE, especially Dubai has a convenient transportation system, strategic location, numerous numbers of luxurious and affordable hotels, and the region’s leisure and entertainment climate customization. Such factors like good inbound and internal transportation links, plenty of retail and restaurant outlets, a wide selection of hotels to choose from, theme parks and lots of leisure attractions also greatly facilitate and boost tourism to the UAE.

So, what’s New?

Theme parks being currently developed in the UAE are IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai Parks and Resorts and Mall of the World, the world’s first temperature-controlled city, among other developments addressing the global demand for cutting-edge family and tourism destinations. Sources reveal as many as five-to-seven quality large-scale entertainment destinations are already in the pipeline and should be fully operational and open to the public by 2021.